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LEZ emission standards

Changes to the LEZ come into force from 1 March 2021

As 1 March 2021 quickly approaches, are you prepared for the new tougher Low Emission Zone (LEZ) emission standards for heavier vehicles throughout London?

If your vehicle doesn’t meet the new emissions standards, you will be required to pay a daily charge to drive within Greater London. This daily charge varies from £100 up to £300 dependent on which requirements you meet. The heavy vehicles this will affect includes lorries, buses, coaches and specialist vehicles.

Transport for London

The Transport for London (TfL) website states: “We would prefer that your vehicle meets the tougher LEZ emissions standards, so you don’t need to pay the daily LEZ charge.

“If you drive a HGV, lorry, van or other specialist heavy vehicle over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight or a bus/minibus or coach over 5 tonnes gross vehicle weight within the LEZ and it does not meet Euro VI (NOx and PM), you will need to pay the daily LEZ charge.”

These changes to the LEZ were due to come into force during 2020, however, they were postponed due to COVID-19. They come as part of the Mayor or London’s drive to improve London’s air quality. Heavy vehicles are responsible for a large proportion of road-based emissions. Now, protecting public health is even more crucial given the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Scrap your heavy vehicle

TfL previously carried out a scrappage scheme to encourage businesses to scrap their heavy vehicles, however, this has now ended. The good news is, that here at Scrapping A Car you can still scrap your vehicles with us. There’s still time to scrap your vehicle before the new LEZ changes come into effect from 1 March.

If you have a heavy vehicle you would like to dispose of in order to prevent daily charges, get in touch by calling us on 0203 870 2545

For further information you can visit the TFL website here.