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Sell My Damaged Car | We Buy Any Car

There’s a variety of different reasons which can cause your vehicle to be classified as damaged or broken, whether it’s parking incidents, accidents, MOT failures or natural disasters, we know how frustrating these situations can be.

Here at Scrapping A Car, don’t worry, we buy any car. We aim to make the process of selling your damaged car as quick and easy as possible. From instant online quotes to quick collections, we are proud of the hassle-free service we offer.

We are a registered Authorised Treatment Facility, therefore, following legal guidelines, if you decide to sell your damaged car to us, it will go through a depollution process before being disposed of and recycled into something else.

Selling your broken or damaged car

The reasons for which your car can be classified as damaged or broken fall into one of the below categories:

● Engine/parts
● Bodywork
● Interior

Choosing to fix your broken or damaged car can be time consuming and expensive, that’s why many choose to scrap their vehicles instead. By choosing to scrap your car with a registered Authorised Treatment Facility such as Scrapping A Car, you can be sure your car will be recycled legally in line with regulations.

Our online quote system offers the best price for your vehicle. Simply enter your registration number and phone number into our online form and our system will generate a quote for you, we can then organise a quick collection.

Vehicle damage levels, we mean it when we say we buy any car

To make it easier to understand, there are four key classifications that your vehicle will come under if it is broken or has been damaged. Vehicles were previously classed as Category A, B, C or D, however this changed in October 2017 when the Association of British Insurers (ABI) re-categorised them into the below.


Category A – Scrap

Category A vehicles have been deemed as not suitable to be repaired and none of the parts can be reused, the entire vehicle must be scrapped.

Category B – Break

Category B vehicles have been deemed as not suitable to be repaired but some of the parts may be reused elsewhere.

Category S – Structural

Category S vehicles have structural damage to the frame or chassis. The insurance/owners have decided not to repair vehicles in this category, but it can be used as salvage.

Category N – Non-structural

Category N vehicles have no structural damage. The insurance/owners have decided not to repair vehicles in this category, but the vehicle is classed as repairable.

Expectations when selling a faulty car

Our quotations for damaged and broken cars will vary and take into account many factors including make and model, vehicle weight and the average scrap price. Our prices are subject to inspection, as we mentioned, we buy any car, so it’s important to be upfront and honest about your vehicle.

It can be disheartening to see the amount for your vehicle is significantly less than you paid for it, however, it is important to remember that you are selling damaged goods.
In many cases, a vehicle can be deemed uneconomical to repair, for example, if you’ve been involved in an uninsured accident, it’s failed its MOT or if it’s got engine failure.

However, we specialise in damaged and broken vehicles and will always give you the best price possible. Because we are a registered Authorised Treatment Facility, we can often offer prices that other scrap merchants struggle to match. We buy any car, so get your instant quote today.

What information do I need to provide you with to sell my damaged or broken car?

We simply need your vehicle registration and your phone number to begin with. If you enter this into our online form it will generate a free, instant, no obligation quote. You can then call us to discuss this further or we will call you. If you decide to accept your quote, we will collect your vehicle at a mutually convenient date and time.

How will I get paid for selling my damaged vehicle?

We will pay you via BACS bank transfer within 24 hours of collecting your vehicle. In 2013, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was introduced, this made it illegal to sell scrap vehicles for cash. This was to combat rogue traders and make scrap payments more traceable, therefore, we will never pay for your vehicle in cash. If you are ready to sell your damaged car, get an instant quote by using our online quote generator or call 0203 870 2545 and speak to a member of our happy to help team.

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