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Donate My Car

  • Scrapping A Car offers the option to donate the money from scrapping your car to a chosen charity.

Donate My Car

Scrapping A Car offers the option to donate the money from scrapping your car to a chosen charity. This is great for disposing of your vehicle while helping others in the process. Many people wish to donate to charity but find it difficult to find the funds to do so, therefore, donating your car is a great option. We have a range of charities that we work with, find out more below.

There are many reasons that you may decide to consider selling your car. Whether this is to reduce emissions and help the environment, if your car is damaged or has failed its MOT, or perhaps you just don’t need your vehicle anymore, Scrapping A Car provides a quick and easy hassle-free process.

We often find that if families have lost a loved one whose car has been left behind, they struggle with what to do with the vehicle, by choosing to donate the car to charity, you are helping improve the quality of life for others and many families find joy in doing so.

With anyone who decides to donate their car to charity, we will collect your vehicle free of charge and donate the proceeds to your chosen charity.

How to donate your car

The first step is to get in touch with us. You can either use our online form to receive a free, instant, no obligation quote or you can call us on 0203 870 2545.

The amount you will receive for your vehicle is dependent on a variety of factors such as weight, make and model. Our scrap prices are some of the best in the market so you can rest assured that you are getting the best price for your vehicle and donating as much money as possible to your chosen charity.

Once you have accepted your quote, we will arrange free collection of the vehicle at a date and time that is convenient to you. We are an Authorised Treatment Facility, so we will dismantle the vehicle before recycling parts and materials. This often makes the process much quicker than using other scrap websites and means your charity get the money much sooner.

Once the vehicle has been scrapped, you can choose if you wish to donate some, or all, of the funds to your chosen charity. The payment will be received directly by the charity from Scrapping A Car and once the payment has been processed, we will notify you via email.

Choosing a charity

You can choose to donate to any of the charities listed below.


Ben supports the automotive industry, providing support for life for both those who work in it and their family dependents. From care services to health and wellbeing, Ben provides life-changing support to those in crisis and helps those to prevent it. Your donation will help those in the automotive industry get access to support that will help them create a better tomorrow.

Brixton Soup Kitchen

Brixton Soup Kitchen help the homeless and people in need. They are open to the public daily to offer a hot meal and a space to stay warm alongside many other services including a free clothes bank, counselling and free legal advice. Your donation will help them to continue offering crucial services to those most in need.


Centrepoint offers accommodation and support to homeless 16-25 year olds. At Centrepoint, a bed is just the start. Their support model covers mental health and wellbeing, a pathway back into education and training and opportunities which inspire and engage young people. Your donation will help their vital work in supporting over 14,000 young people every year.

Lives Not Knives

Lives Not Knives work to prevent knife crime, youth violence, gang culture and anti-social behaviour by offering mentoring, roadshows, youth hubs and summer programmes. With knife crime at a record high, your donation will help LNK reduce knife crime in Croydon and London.

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice offers babies and children with life-limiting illnesses the support to live fulfilling lives, die with dignity and face the future with hope. Your donation will help children and families living with life-threatening illnesses get access to the best possible palliative care at The Ark.

Sarcoma UK

Sarcoma UK offers invaluable support for those diagnosed with or concerned about bone cancer, soft tissue cancer and GIST. Your donation will help fund research, ensure specialist nurses can be there for those who need it and help to raise sarcoma awareness.


Shelter exists to defend everyone’s right to a safe and secure home. The housing emergency continues to grow, and millions of people are at risk of homelessness. Your donation will help make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to Shelter for help.


Starlight exists to preserve childhood through serious illness. They offer children wish granting, hospital play and distraction services, and have their own escapes programme. Your donation will help children and their families escape the routine and reality of treatment for their illness.

The Young Lives Foundation

The Young Lives Foundation provides young vulnerable people access to the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their potential and lead a fulfilling life. Your donation will help them continue to offer young people advocacy, positive activities, and mentoring and befriending.

Together For Short Lives

Together For Short Lives support children and families living with life-limiting illnesses to ensure they get the best possible care and support they can. Your donation will help children and families living with life-threatening illnesses make the most of every moment together.


The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children fights to end child abuse. They offer child protection, campaign to prevent abuse and help those affected to recover. Your donation will help vulnerable children get the support they urgently need.


The YMCA offers a variety of help to young people in need, from accommodation to training and education, with the aim that all young people can belong, contribute and thrive. Your donation will help young people, children and families can get the support they need.

To start with donating your car, simply fill out our online form or you can call our dedicated team on 0203 870 2545 who will be ready to guide you through the process.

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