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Scrap Car Comparison Sites

  • By using Scrapping A Car, you can be sure you are getting the best price in London

We know price really matters when it comes to scrapping your car, and by using Scrapping A Car, you can be sure you are getting the best price in London. Scrap car comparison sites will often heighten the price quoted to an unrealistic amount to make it seem like you are getting a great deal. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true, and the customer is often left disappointed when they don’t receive the price they were originally quoted.

Scrap car comparison sites or third-party sites are not the end buyer, their main aim is to sell leads through their site by offering many different buyers. This often means that they will offer you a glorified price for your vehicle, but when their actual buyer comes forward, they will reduce the price to a realistic amount to make a profit.

At Scrapping A Car, we give you a genuine, honest, quote from the moment you fill out our online form or speak to a member of our team. We are the end buyer of your vehicle and our reputation is at risk of being damaged if we are not genuine and honest from the get-go. The price we offer you is 100% yours. There are no hidden costs or additional fees, there are no commissions unlike scrap car comparison sites, the price you see is the price you will receive from us. We find this approach works best for both you and us.

By choosing to scrap your car with us instead of using a scrap car comparison website, you can also have complete peace of mind that you are using a registered Authorised Treatment Facility Centre. We have been an ATF for over 30 years now, which means we follow legal guidelines and adhere to ethical regulations. Our vehicles go through a strict depollution process before any part of the car can be disposed of or recycled. By being a registered Authorised Treatment Facility Centre, it means we can also offer highly competitive prices that other companies struggle to match.

Scrap car comparison sites such as Remove My Car will return hundreds of results leaving you having to research into each individual one, this can often be confusing and time consuming. Save yourself time and have complete peace of mind by going direct with us, a registered ATF offering you the best price and 100% customer satisfaction.

We are your direct route to a fuss-free and hassle-free way to legally remove and scrap your unwanted vehicles. We offer you the highest prices available by cutting out the middleman, we are not a scrap car comparison site like Remove My Car or a third-party agent, we are the end buyer.

From quote to contact, collection to payment, we deliver a seamless service every time, on time. To find out how much money you could be earning for your old car, get in touch today by filling out our online form to receive an instant no obligation quote or give our happy to help team a call on 0203 870 2545.

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