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COVID-19: Is it time to scrap your vehicle?

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a dramatic reduction in air pollution due to less cars being on the road, is now the time to scrap your vehicle?

The impact of the coronavirus has seen a drop in traffic across all areas, both in cities and urban areas. Reduced traffic paired with reduced commercial activity has seen a reduction of up to 62% across air polluting emissions which has been an extremely positive effect on the environment.

The widespread images of empty roads, motorways and city centres have shown us the impact of sudden emission cuts.

Lifted restrictions

Although, as the UK begins to lift lockdown measures and everyday activities start to resume, traffic levels and contributing emissions have quickly began to rise again. As more industries reopen, it’s estimated that almost a third (31%) of English drivers prepare to hit the road again.

The RAC’s most recent poll predicts 10.5 million drivers will be on the road this weekend. For the first time in three months, people can spend the night away from their home. As a result, this could be the busiest weekend of the year for England’s roads.

The additional traffic expected back on the road will make rush hour journeys even longer and present parking issues. It can be difficult enough to find somewhere to park in normal circumstances. With traffic heightened, and demand higher than ever as people flock to places reopening, parking is likely to be stretched to its limit for the coming weeks.

Stationary traffic also has a large effect on air pollution. Exhaust fumes contain many harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, which can be linked to harming the environment and various diseases. Councils in London also have the ability to enforce moving traffic contraventions under the Transport Management Act 2004.

As a result of the coronavirus lockdown, the changes in behaviour of drivers reinforces the importance of clean air and low emissions zones and the impact this will have on the air quality over time.

Many people have now realised they no longer want to use their vehicle, or it is surplus to requirement. This may be down to:

The effect on the environment
Heightened traffic
Difficult parking
The increased demand for employees to work from home

Scrapping your car

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